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It's time to live fully.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A tame side?

Peeps, if you look at the picture above, it's my interpretation of the darker side of Alice.
Two sides to this.

Family side:
Too much. It's too exaggerated. Who wears these?

Others: (Cosplayers, costume designers, fashion designers)
Not enough. Too tame.

Well, I'm a designer and it is too tame for me.
I shall revamp these dresses for further uses.

There's a reason I'm a maximalist and not a minimalist.

              ....... and it's not about maximizing sizes!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Paint that Cleans Air

 A paint that cleans air? Cool!
Really, it is cool.

Everyone Deserves Safe Air. That was the tagline of Project EDSA of Boysen. They have developed a paint that addresses the problem of air pollution.
Air pollution in EDSA is common but unnatural and unsafe. The KNOxOUT paint breaks down NOx gases or Nitrogen Oxides into Water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxides (CO2). Water is washed away while CO2 can be easily absorbed by plants.  Not only is this KNOxOUT paint Eco-Friendly, it is also Eco-Active. Most things in the market nowadays are Eco-friendly. They are focused on minimizing harmful impacts on the environment while production. This Eco-active property of KNOxOUT means it is actively working to make the environment more friendly.

It is Photocatalyctic! Using light or CristalActiv Technology, it breaks down and neutralizes emissions of Nitrogen Oxides. But even without UV light or sunlight, it can function in fluorescent light as well.

The walls of EDSA are being transformed into air purifiers. As seen in these pictures, EDSA is not only turned into a colorful canvas but also into functioning walls. Go Boysen!
 (Pictures Below are from BOYSEN Press Kit)
 Artwork by Bogie Ruiz entitled "Ganap", Found in San Lo area in EDSA
This is the full artwork

B+C by Asuncion "Baby" Imperial and Damien "Coco" Anne, found in Ortigas

 Artwork in Cubao Underpass by Tapio Snellman

Don't know if this paint is available in the markets yet but I'm sure to buy some if they will be in stores!!!