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It's time to live fully.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gluing their Eyes to the Consul

Do you allow your kids to laze in public seats playing angry birds on your or their iPhones?
I see a growing number of young children who have not a care in the world but the game they play. I was in DFA last week and there were a lot of kids waiting, being literally dragged by their parents because their are so engrossed in whatever consul their eyes were glued on. This picture of a girl is in a church lobby. The man besid her is trying to talk to her but she is non-responsive. (I heard her other siblings are not so respectful to elders)

What are the parents allowing their children to become?
When I was young, my parents will not allow any of us to be unproductive. Oh, we can play. We are encouraged to have sport, music or some hobby. We can make a mess but they want us to learn and have an output. My siblings and I played a lot and made a mess of the living room a lot. My mother was fine by that as long as we moved our bodies and build our creativity. I spend countless hours in my room scrap booking or beading but that was ok as long as I home my creativity.

These games on consul are fine. They're fun too but they keep oneself isolated in the midst of a crowd. Besides, it's lack of social etiquette. When they grow up, they'll still be glued to a gadget and not much on socialization and manners. And these kids will think it's ok because their parents allowed them to in the first place.

For the parents, they are spoiling their children this way because they can't baby sit them well. True or false? Giving them your iPhone or android to play with until all hours is not love. It's opposite. It's like hating to deal with the problem so you let the gadget handle them. Well, newsflash. These gadgets will handle them to social decline.

So, parental tip. Give them time to play with the iPhone/cellphone/android. Let them play but not in public and certainly not for too long. An hour or two tops at home. Oh, and don't forget to teach them social etiquette and manners. Discipline them if need be.
If you can't handle your child, parent, you need therapy.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I love it! 
The show costs (cheapest) is Php2,700.00 and it was worth it. We were in the middle row near the side aisle but we can see well.
I love the music and the acrobatics. The costumes are inspiring. 
I super love it. 
If another Cirque show comes to town, I'll see it! Definitely!
Thanks, Varekai Production! I had fun!
More power!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoe Shopping with the girls

 Cake Shoe!

So, shoes for the big girls is hard to find. First of all, when you are a big girl, chances are, your feet are also big. I'm a size 14-16 and 5'4"... my shoes isze is 8 wide. Easy to find???
Wrong. Not in this country, anyways.
Our shoes sizes are so limited but that reflects on our economy. For the past decade, there is no longer half sizes. We don't have any half sizes either. Oh, did I mention our sizes here are medyo varied?
With China imports and brands that shoe their own shoe lasts, we really have varied sizes here. I get a size 8 for Marikina shoes. If it's made is China, it's a size 39(9) but if it's a China brand that's made in China, It's a 40 to 41. By the way, if my relatives send me shoes from the states, it's usually 8 petite or 7 1/2 wide.

My tip to buying shoes? FIT it! Wear it, bend, walk and jump.
Ask yourself these questions before buying the shoes(especially impulse buying)

  1. Does it fit well?
  2. Is it comfortable? Even after bending and jumping?
  3. Which outfits/coordinates will match it? (If it fits 3 to 4 coordinates, then buy away)

I bought the tan one!
 I love the pink clogs!
I want the bling one!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Days of Feasting

Davao is not Davao without Sun, warm peaople, Afternoon Rains and FOOD. Did I happen to mention Delicious food?
Whoa. Mom got so mad can she blame me? Davao food is hard to resist. No, don't eat grilled everyday. Even Davaoenios have sophisticated taste.
Here's where I've been:
Day 1 Arrival: Hanoi in Abreeza for some crabs and spareribs. Hanoi is a Vietnamese Restaurant created by my Tita and Tito. I'm not biased. The food is really good. 
In the evening, a version of gourmet Sinigang in the house.
Day 2 Roaming Around Day: Lunch at Eden, Mirienda at McDo and Wedding Eve Dinner.
Eden is a man-made forest. They have tours and fresh buffet food.
Day 3 The Wedding day: My cousin's wedding day. Catered food but forgot by whom. Cocktails by Tsuru. Tsuru is Japanese food here in Davao. It's #1 here.
Day 4 Girl's Day Out: Lunch/Mirienda at Picobello, the best pizza in Davao. Apart from the stone oven they boast, Picobello also boasts buy 1 take 1 pizza (2-5pm) I love their Calzone!
Day 5 Talicud Trip: Ate at an unamed resort. Yup, no name. No signage. Just a patch of beach front with a lot of benches and bamboo table. They served Adobo chicken made of free-range native chicken. Dinner at Tsuru Main branch (they have 3). Ate Gyudon. Yum! Thinly sliced beef with egg and rice. Love it. I also love the Miso Soup!
Day 6 Visit other side relatives: Fish lunch at house and Dinner at Lachi's. What a name right? Lachi's. Well, what cakes too!
 Tasted 3 cakes: Black and white Brownies, NY cheese cake and creme brule cake. Heaven and affordable too!
 Day 7 Girls Day out Part 2: Thank you Ate Faith for the lovely lunch at Tiny Kitchen. It is tiny  9the place, I mean) but not the servings. I finished a half chicken to myself (one serving lang yun!)
That night was a celebration for Tita Didit's Bday! We ate at Selera and had drinks afterwards.
Day 8 Little Girls Day: Baby sitted young nieces, lunch at home with some pasta and dunking donuts. Dinner at Apo View Hotel for Hijos de Davao. We magiced ourseves away and went to Brewery for some drinks with Joan and her friends. Was so hammered with Tequila Rose (2 cups) and Vodka
 (approx 3 and 1/2 cups). Wuuuuuh!
Day 9 Tsuru Buffet: Tsuru has buffet every 15th and 30th. Tourists who come to Davao must go and fatten up with Jap food. It's worth 599. Even if you just eat sashimi. Very fresh! Record: 5 plates. That would be 11 makis, 9 tempuras, chicken lolipop, gyoza, dessert and more. Can't really keep track. SO much food!
Dinner at Coc's in F. Torres at 4pm to sawa. So full!
Day 10 Airport food until I leave.

Davaowenios might not shop a lot but they sure EAT a lot! Yet, I can't find many big peeps here. Must be the fresh food and most especially the mineralized water that comes out of the tap. Super safe!