You are not plus-sized. You are full-figured.
It's time to live fully.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Picking in a Feast

It's hard not to eat who you are in a party. Since we are Pinoys, it's rude not to eat at all. Like all Pinoy Party attendees, I feast but am now more picky in what I shovel down my gut. Make no mistake, I still eat a lot.

I shall reiterate what's on the table and divide it up to LOTS, SOME, NO WAY.

LOTS (Go on an feast on these)

  • Ginataang shrimp (When cooked right, it's healthy and so fresh and rich in zinc)
  • Fresh Green salad (duh) Easy on the dressing
  • Freshly baked Buko Pie
  • Pansit
  • Fresh Ripe Mangoes

SOME (take it easy)

  • Adobo (Lay off the soysauce.)
  • Lumpia shanghai (But it vegetarian! So? It's still fried!)
  • Rice (limit since it's a party 1 1/2 cup)

NO WAY (stay away from these food... if you can)

  • Cake (just a bite. So you won't eat too much, share a slice with your sis)
  • Letson (But I can't help eat a few bits and a slice of balat!)
  • Ice Cream (Don't eat this unless you want to clog your arteries. You just ate oily foods and top it off with ice cream. Are you crazy? One word: SEBO go research!)
So, I encourage you guys to make a mental checklist of what you ate in a party. It could save your hearts. Not to mention belly.
I'm living a full and healthy life and this is my type of diet!

I think I lost a little weight...

No, I didn't go on a diet.

I couldn't.

Too much yummy food laid out on the table.

What my secret? Mom stuffed me with fruits and veggies. Yup, snack time is fruits and breakfast comes with a bowl of cabbage soup.

But I've decided something since our little fiber regiment. I was going to try to eat as healthy as I can. So when my brother and I were at the mall, I had to look at the menus carefully. Fast food will just a rare treat.
It's not like I'm avoiding food or oils or carbs. Those things, we can't help but be served. I just make sure my fried foods are limited and I pick things that have no shortening or too much butter.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nail Art

Was at Bloggers United Yesterday.

Had my nails done for free. :-)
Met a lot of cool peeps too!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Make-over Day

Today was my make-over with the Plamp Pinays. We were at Azta Urban Salon in San Lazaro. Me and four other plumpies had our faces done by Ms. Kaycee Lim and our hair done by Azta Stylists. Thanks, Kaycee, for the skin tips!
At first I was scared. What would they do to me? Make me look like a rooster? Worse, blond. Thank goodness Ms. Rich of Azta had some ideas to play with. I told her to go play with me. My only conditions are: Don't make me look like a Chicken and don't make me bald.

Ha! They gave me a layered bob and red mahogany hair. I love how they treated us. Milk tea was good. The services were pampering. Felt like a Diva without having to act like it.
Ms. Rich gave some good hair tips. The Azta team did a good job on the dyeing.
Thanks girls!

Thanks to the Plump Pinay for our F21 accessories and this opportunity to get a make-over. 

I'm now a red head!