You are not plus-sized. You are full-figured.
It's time to live fully.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flattering Prints

No matter how proud we are of our body, face it! We want to look slim and fit. Nobody wants to look bigger than they are.
Working with prints are a little tricky because they might not be flattering.
Here are flattering prints and not flattering prints:
No pile is things someone size 12 and above should avoid. Mostly there are the horizontal stripes. Having it checkered tartan style is not flattering either.
Yes pile is obviuosly the suggested ones. Vertical and diagonal lines are the body. They actually look like movements for your eyes to follow.
Maybe pile is subjective. There are prints of various types. Try it on first before purchasing clothes with these prints. They may or may not look ok on you.

Plus Size and Cosplaying

I have encountered people who are scared of dressing up or cosplaying because they think they are fat.
I've been big most of my grown-up years. Ever since I started cosplaying, I was always a big girl. That didn't stop me. My stagefright stopped me but never being plus size.
I guess I had good support. No, not the girdle. I never wore girdle or bra during HS.
I had support from my friends and some of my family.
My sibs and I cosplayed together for fun. 
Here I am, still costripping and dressing up for occassions.
I got a couple of shots of confident peeps.
I wanted to take more shots but didn't quite catch a lot of the other plus-players.

Love this...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Formal Weddings in the Morning

I've attended a morning wedding but I wasn't sure what to wear. It's a morning mass with a lunch receptions. The attire is Formal.


This is a dilema for us girls. We want to be stunning and to show-off a fashionista personalities. At the same time it should be formal since it's a wedding and conservative since we are inside a church.

This is my outfit.
Since it's the last days of summer, I've decided to wear something with print. It's metallic in material with satin details. Prints are ok in a wedding but make sure it is a bit formal. Make sure the prints are not too loud. Silky fabrics give a formal taste to it. 
For my accessories, I wore pearls. Pearls always makes an outfit classy and formal. My headband is also pearls. Brooch, gloves, belt and stockings are all black. I wanted brown but I lacked the brown shade that I wanted. To be safe, I chose black. 
It was a rainy so I opted for a shawl since the weather was cold. (shawl not in picture)
So, here is my outfit beside the doors of Malate Catholic Church. It's a quaint little church with nostalgic architecture. I like it. The perfect venue for a new beginning.

This is the bride's dress. We collaborated on the design together. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"I have nothing to wear!"

"Oh, really? Are you naked?"

A lot of people keep saying they have nothing to wear. 

They do. It's just not to their liking.

If you have nothing to wear, open your closet and revamp your wardrobe. Maybe there's a combination you haven't tried before. Try layering. It's not too hot anymore that you can't wear a shirt on top of another.

Also, you can always raid your mothers and sis' closets.