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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Skirt Sweep of Width

The opening for your legs is called the Sweep of the Skirt. This also determines the cut of the skirt.
This picture above may help you to determine what they are.
This is the basic skirt design.

Pencil Cut and Straight cut skirts are usually used for corporate wear. They need stiff fabrics to give a good flow. There materials would be Wool, Gabardine and sometimes, heavy cotton. Straight cut skirts can be used in denim and twill skirts.

A-line is the common cut because it is most flatering on a woman's body. Should she have thick or thin legs, an A-line works wonders.

Full Skirt is very wide with the sweep of about 30 inches (x2) to as much as a full circle. This cut always uses flowing materials for it to fall daintily and not stiffly. Textiles commonly used are silks, jerseys and light cotton. Guaze can give it an ethereal look.

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