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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoe Shopping with the girls

 Cake Shoe!

So, shoes for the big girls is hard to find. First of all, when you are a big girl, chances are, your feet are also big. I'm a size 14-16 and 5'4"... my shoes isze is 8 wide. Easy to find???
Wrong. Not in this country, anyways.
Our shoes sizes are so limited but that reflects on our economy. For the past decade, there is no longer half sizes. We don't have any half sizes either. Oh, did I mention our sizes here are medyo varied?
With China imports and brands that shoe their own shoe lasts, we really have varied sizes here. I get a size 8 for Marikina shoes. If it's made is China, it's a size 39(9) but if it's a China brand that's made in China, It's a 40 to 41. By the way, if my relatives send me shoes from the states, it's usually 8 petite or 7 1/2 wide.

My tip to buying shoes? FIT it! Wear it, bend, walk and jump.
Ask yourself these questions before buying the shoes(especially impulse buying)

  1. Does it fit well?
  2. Is it comfortable? Even after bending and jumping?
  3. Which outfits/coordinates will match it? (If it fits 3 to 4 coordinates, then buy away)

I bought the tan one!
 I love the pink clogs!
I want the bling one!

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