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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Striking a Pose

Girls, you should try this!
Book a studio and have a photo session. A photo session is the best way to body and beauty acceptance.
Now, it's not just  getting a picture.
A lot of things happen in just a picture.
Now, I've put simple, natural make-up for this shoot. This creation is dark, perfect for big girls like me. I like to play with a lot of props and accessories.
Here are some tips on posing and body movements. It's important to get posing right especially in full-figured modelling. There are many poses not so flattering. During a shoot, it's hectic. The photographer would just keep clicking. As the subject, we have to create a story using what we wear, the props and our body movements.
Striking a Pose: Basic Pose.
Cross legs makes the legs look long and elegant

There's a Storm! Think charades!

Use the props you have. Create angles with your arms. Bent arms make the arms look longer.

Can you do a profile or side view? the body.
It's best to experiment on this one. Some girls have double chin and cannot make a good side view.
I can pull-off side-view face but not a side view body so /i do a 3/4th angle for 

Every girl has to have a "Taray Look."
Secret tip: When crossing your arms over your chest, don't press your arms too much to the body.
Pressing it too much towards you can make it look chunky and full.

This W pose is very experimental. I was thinking to put fireworks on my palms. :-)

Experiment  in front of the mirror and see what works for you.
If all else fails, have confidence!
Nasa "Carry" lang yan!

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  1. Love your confidence! Maybe I should try this one of these days...but my shots would probably be 90% halakhak since that's what happens when I get conscious or embarassed. Heehee!