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Friday, April 8, 2011

Modelling 101

As a Designer, I have to be able to coach my models into the poses best for a shoot/runway. 
I did a bit of amateur modelling and was surprised to find being on the end of the catwalk actually thrilled me.
Here are basic modelling poses and tips to help any girl out there building their portfolio.
Note: I pictures these myself. How??? Put the camera on top a shelf and hit the timer. (hehehe)
To practice posing, here's step 1: Dress comfortably 
Step 2: Comfy clothes but unfortunately, every model needs heels. So, wear high heels.
Heels work wonders on your legs. Try it. I'm wearing leggings to see the effect. 
Step 3: Apply light make-up even if it's just mascara and lipstick.
Now it's time to vogue.

The Head Shot
Head shots are important aspect in your modelling portfolio. Let's face it... It's your FACE.
It's a model's mugshot.
Take a picture of yourself: Front, 3/4, side profile and semi-back. Look which angles best suit you.
Head shots are tricky because it it limited to the space of your head. For this shoot, I added some props. This wedding hat should convey a lot of meaning and that must be in line with how I pose my face.
Yes, faces have to be posed as well.
From happy to thinking, to shocked, to secretive, to angry then finally prayerful. See the difference?

Body Movement

Try being creative in posing. These poses are static except for the arms. The blue tulle shows movements.
Also find ways to get the best shape for you.

Creative Posing
Strike a pose! Vogue it! Put on some music to inspired you. Get a mirror and look at your body movements.
Tip: Create space through your hand movements. Utilize your legs. Bend them in angles. Bend your body in angles. You can also use props to help you get into character.

Well, ladies. Hope these help you. If you're not planning to be a model, it's fun to let go and imagine once in a while. If all else fail, it can be goo facebook profile pics.

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