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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Picking in a Feast

It's hard not to eat who you are in a party. Since we are Pinoys, it's rude not to eat at all. Like all Pinoy Party attendees, I feast but am now more picky in what I shovel down my gut. Make no mistake, I still eat a lot.

I shall reiterate what's on the table and divide it up to LOTS, SOME, NO WAY.

LOTS (Go on an feast on these)

  • Ginataang shrimp (When cooked right, it's healthy and so fresh and rich in zinc)
  • Fresh Green salad (duh) Easy on the dressing
  • Freshly baked Buko Pie
  • Pansit
  • Fresh Ripe Mangoes

SOME (take it easy)

  • Adobo (Lay off the soysauce.)
  • Lumpia shanghai (But it vegetarian! So? It's still fried!)
  • Rice (limit since it's a party 1 1/2 cup)

NO WAY (stay away from these food... if you can)

  • Cake (just a bite. So you won't eat too much, share a slice with your sis)
  • Letson (But I can't help eat a few bits and a slice of balat!)
  • Ice Cream (Don't eat this unless you want to clog your arteries. You just ate oily foods and top it off with ice cream. Are you crazy? One word: SEBO go research!)
So, I encourage you guys to make a mental checklist of what you ate in a party. It could save your hearts. Not to mention belly.
I'm living a full and healthy life and this is my type of diet!

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