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Friday, June 10, 2011

Formal Weddings in the Morning

I've attended a morning wedding but I wasn't sure what to wear. It's a morning mass with a lunch receptions. The attire is Formal.


This is a dilema for us girls. We want to be stunning and to show-off a fashionista personalities. At the same time it should be formal since it's a wedding and conservative since we are inside a church.

This is my outfit.
Since it's the last days of summer, I've decided to wear something with print. It's metallic in material with satin details. Prints are ok in a wedding but make sure it is a bit formal. Make sure the prints are not too loud. Silky fabrics give a formal taste to it. 
For my accessories, I wore pearls. Pearls always makes an outfit classy and formal. My headband is also pearls. Brooch, gloves, belt and stockings are all black. I wanted brown but I lacked the brown shade that I wanted. To be safe, I chose black. 
It was a rainy so I opted for a shawl since the weather was cold. (shawl not in picture)
So, here is my outfit beside the doors of Malate Catholic Church. It's a quaint little church with nostalgic architecture. I like it. The perfect venue for a new beginning.

This is the bride's dress. We collaborated on the design together. 

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